He makes a trust fall forward.

Jumps into my arms while I wasn’t expecting it.

It scares me, the way he trusts me. I don’t feel very grownup yet, myself. So why does he look to me to do and know everything? Who thought this would be a good idea, giving me a kid? A strong willed one, at that. At times I don’t know what to do. But I just realized that my little boy told me.

Just jump into my Father’s arms and He’ll take it from there.

Unlike me, a failing human being, He is perfect and He will always be there. I won’t always feel it. But I will always know it. Because that’s what faith is. I want to chose to have faith even in the really confusing moments of motherhood…or rather, personhood. To jump anyway. And know He will catch me and carry me and hold me and always, always love me.

Sometimes I might even sink when I look down at the water like Peter did. But even then He will hold out His hand. And even when I deny Him He will give me more chances and ask me ‘Do you love […]


I’m here for you.



I don’t really need 5 minutes for this.

The sun is shining, white fluffy clouds are up in the sky.

We went to the playground and ran around.

I cleaned the house (!)

And through it all, He was here. And He is telling me that tomorrow, He’ll be here to. With me. Even if I freak out about what to wear or cook or pack for the church weekend. Or about the spilled food or the kitchen floor that will most likely be dirty again by tonight. He’ll be here and His love is enough.

Isn’t that like totally awesome?

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Book Reviews – Daughters of the Faith series

Book reviews are finally here! See the other post I wrote on these books here.

The Tinker’s Daughter: A Story Based on the Life of Mary Bunyan

John?Bunyan?is well known, but did you know the story of his daughter? ?Although she was born blind, she does not let it stop her.When her father, who she is very close to, is imprisoned, she help her stepmother with the younger children and carries food to her father in jail.

In the market she meets a gypsy family and befriends their daughter, Sofia. Together with her grandmother, Sofia helps Mary deal with her father being in prison. They show her what trust and faith is through stories and?symbolism. The story of salvation is explained by Timoz, Sofia’s father, in a sweet and simple way.

Mary wants to have everything under control and save her family.??Slowly, with her father’s and?friend’s?help, she learns she cannot do it through her own?strength. She needs Jesus. I love the way her journey in all of this is told as she tells her sister Bets, her best friend, what she is feeling and learning and thinking. How she learns to go to her Heavenly Father instead […]


After we move to Minnesota everything will be better. After we move back to Belgium I will read my bible every day. After Gabri?l stops waking up at night I will be happier and more rested. After the summer starts we will be more relaxed. When I am older I will be more patient.

When the bread is done baking I will take time to play with Abel.

When I’ve been going to church here for a longer time I will know everybody and then maybe I will be more involved and talk to people and feel more at home. When this day is over I will snap out of my grumpy mood,?when the laundry is caught up and the house is clean I will be more peaceful.

But it is now that counts.

If I don’t take time now, when will it be? If I don’t stop behaving like a 6 year old now, when will I, and how many words will I have said by the time I stop that I will lie awake about in nights to come?

The only after I want to think about is the after this life. The eternity we will spend […]

Daugthers of the Faith

One of my favorite series is the Daughters of the faith series by Wendy Lawton.

They are like the Heroes of the faith series, but for young girls about young girls. Unlike the “Heroes of the Faith”, these are not biographies, but more like fictional stories, inspired by the life of these girls. In each epilogue there are some facts about the main character, as well as what happened when they grew up. I love the way?Wendy?Lawton wove stories about the life of these real and inspiring girls.

It is written for ages 8-12, but some 23 year-olds still love them. They are short and easy to read, ideal for younger girls.?Still, I re-and-re-and-re-read these lovely books of girls that really lived and were so plucky, faithful,?courageous.

There are not many books I recommend for everybody and that I cannot find anything inappropriate in, but these are. Innocent and uplifting, we see the character’s faith and personal relationship with God unfolding and deepening.

A big bonus is all the historical information you get. I am always so inspired, my curiosity piqued, that I look up all I can find ?on whichever book I just read. These books would […]