Learning to take grace in the middle of the mess

I am learning about taking grace in the middle.

When I’ve already messed up. I already yelled at my baby, I already slammed the door, and the kitchen floor is still quite dirty.

I feel like going on like this, and behave even worse. I might start behaving again tomorrow after the night has washed this day away and after I cleaned my kitchen floor and cooked my family a healthy dinner. Maybe torture my husband with a cookie that is sweetened with stevia.

Making a cookie with stevia for your husband who is pining for some Spicy Doritos totally redeems your rotten attitude from the day before, right?

But I’m learning to ask for grace and forgiveness before it gets worse.

To say sorry to a toddler who really doesn’t get it and pray together and start behaving like a child of God right away instead of following the very appealing desires of my flesh to slam the door REALLY HARD and look REALLY MAD and say some mean things in a poisonous tone of voice with sparks of fire flashing from my eyes, when my innocent husband comes down from the office to get a glass of […]