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For years I’ve lived with the illusion that truth must always be spoken.That honesty means always telling what is true, what you think, out loud, and now is the right time.

Then I found out.. It ain’t true.

It has the tendency to clash with love.

And it must be love that comes first, all the time.

Truth is sometimes best kept behind a nice little white picket fence with a smile.

Because what good will it do if I tell you I think your skirt is ugly? It has to be beneficial I’m ?going to say it. And telling you your skirt is ugly is not exactly beneficial. Now if you were to ask me if I liked your skirt, then it’s a whole different thing.

That doesn’t mean I don’t believe in saying the truth anymore. I am all for saying the truth. But in my light-bulb, revalationish moment of wisdom…it entered my mind that sometimes…sometimes it’s not the moment for truth.

That doesn’t mean it’s hypocritical, lying or fake.

It means it’s the wrong time. Or it means […]


She’s standing in the corner, smiling shyly.

Looking at the others, wishing she was them. Wishing she could just be there, too. She’s walking the school halls, giggling and talking, seeming quite sure of herself.

She’s in so many places.

The girl who fears she’s not enough. ?School is stressy and peer pressure even more so. Life is busy and grades are hard to get, although not quite as hard as getting friends.

One thing she can control??Her weight. You compliment her for losing weight, she smiles and nods and remembers it.

Next time at the table? She only eats a few bites. Saturday after McDonald’s??She throws that up when she gets home.

Someone else wows her on the weight loss. She remembers it all. The approval is nice. Feeling like she ‘belongs’. For once. Feeling like she’s capable. She can accomplish something. And so she continues to stand on the scale several times a day. The one thing she is sure she’ll get approval for. It’s addicting.

Next time you see she’s lost weight? Think twice before assuming that losing weight is always a good thing.

It isn’t always.

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This morning I woke up at 3:30 and I couldn’t fall back asleep. So after almost 2 hours of ?tossing and turning, I got up and made myself a little cup of tea (see below), started my day of with the Father, and wrote Five Minute Friday in my dear journal.

I’ll type it out in case you can’t read it 😉

“…Because His compassions fail not. They are new every morning. Great and abundant is Your faithfulness.” Lam. 3: 22-23

Like the clean, creamy pages of my beloved journal. New. Like the rosebud that will open today. A new, fresh rose.

His mercy is new EVERY morning! That means it’s like manna. I’m not to worry that I used it all yesterday. There’s a new batch today!

His kindness is new every morning. Although I’m freaking out about today, about a whole day with 2 little boys, after a night of 2,5 hours sleep and no patience. His compassion is new today.

Today I want to throw myself in His care, on His mercy. I want to have faith that He’ll be there. Let Him speak, […]

Pain Redeemed – Review and Giveaway

Pain Redeemed by Natasha MetzlerIt seemed ironic to be reading a book about infertility while sitting beside my crying baby. I was tired, hot, my hair needed to be washed and I was frustrated with Gabri?l for whining instead of just falling asleep like a sensible baby.

Reading Pain Redeemed is taking a journey with Natasha.How God heals her from being broken, depressed, hopeless and alone to being new, whole and fully alive in Him. This isn’t some victorious account of someone who went through it, crossed the finish line of the struggle, and now tells about it. (although those kind of stories can also be a big encouragement to read!)

?”…I know that place.I’ve lived there. I came out of there. And I still slide back there far too often.”

– Natasha Metzler in Pain Redeemed –

You can overcome a struggle while still struggling. You have to come back again and again to His feet. Surrender. Let Him use you for His glory. Because it is all about Him and not about us.

Although Natasha’s story is one of infertility, this book is incredibly touching for anyone dealing with pain in their journey.

Because its about the heart […]

Worship – Five Minute Friday

Abel running into Worship at TeenStreet last year. He’ld just learned how to walk and we couldn’t keep him out of there! I grew up with a reverent, silent kind of worship. You know, the kind where you are very quiet and talk in whispers the moment you get out of the car at church on Sunday morning.It was very normal to me, it was good and I liked it that way.

So I was quite shocked at the first ever praise evening I attended. There was music! Loud! Lights! Songs that repeated themselves! People lifting their hands up! People (I’ll say it very quietly so as not to shock you to much)?dancing! ?Well, they were swaying their hips anyway!

I married a wise man who was and is very patient and loving and kind and puts up with my?prejudices. Sometimes he grins a little. Sometimes he might even snort. But for the most part he’s very sweet.?Giving me time to get over myself and get over my pre-conceived notions of how life works.

Then when I find out that that’s not exactly how it is, he usually refrains from saying ‘I told you so’ and just makes do […]