A tree is a strong thing. A sure thing.

When I was 6, we lived in a house in town, and we had a gigantic one. A few years ago I went to visit the church that meets there, on the first floor of the building that was our house. And I was quite indignant to see that the tree had been cut down. Like they’d cut down a part of my childhood.There’s a nursery in our living room the grass is long and mostly weeds and I try to see three little children running around. And dad drawing us big pictures on the blackboard and hey! Where’d that go, people?

In the next house, we had a tree with a rope swing. The tree stood on the top of a little hill, so you could grab the rope and really swing. All romantical and real, you know.

The house after that had poplars that we could climb in and since the top was cut of each year, we could stand on the flat part and be hidden by the branches growing above and around it. And then there was a weeping willow with a swing where I […]

A very human human

I am Naomi’s big sister. Four years ago I married my honey and now I am mama to almost 3 little children. I’m not so good with words as my little sister, but I will try to tell my story as good as I can.? ? I have loved God as long as I can remember. I am so thankful to my parents that they gave me Jesus. They couldn’t have given me anything that is more beautiful, more important and real. ? Whatever my little sister may claim, about how angelic I always was, I have always been a very human human :). I still remember very well how I struggled with my little sins as a child. My egoism, anger, ugly thoughts.. I didn’t want these things in my heart. I didn’t want to hurt God with them and still it was (and is) so hard to get rid of these things. ? When I was about 13 I felt a growing desire to change and have a personal relationship with God. I was?baptized?when I was 14. Right after my baptism I started to doubt very much. Had I been ready for this? Wasn’t I supposed to […]

When not believing is a constatation, not a choice (part 2)

Asking?frightening?questions within a safe environment During this time I was very involved in a the?Christian?student organization called Ichtus. This was an incredibly enriching experience for me! I met intelligent people who dared to ask questions. I was allowed to doubt, pull out all the stops and I strayed further and further away from the person who I had been and what I had believed. This would have been much more frightening if I had had to do this on my own. I am so thankful to Ichtus that I was able to do it there. Without being cut of, but still part of the group. Searching for Eva

In that time, a good friend of mine died in a car accident. She was someone I looked up to very much: passionate about her faith,?enthusiastic?about God, very convinced! When she died, I was crushed and by absorbing myself in God and faith, I tried to come closer to her. I tried to savor who she had been, and thought that since she was with God now, she was still ‘accessible’ in one way or another. Later on I realized this was part of my grief process and I ended up […]