I am a list person.

I make lists for everything. To Do lists, Shopping lists, Thinking lists,?Inspirational?verses lists, Books I want to read lists…

Sometimes when I am inspired by something specific during my quiet time, or just during the day, I start worrying that I will forget it. So I write it down for when I need it. It might help me some other day. And then I hope I’ll remember to read it. Because that idea was just so awesome, and I really needed to hear that, and it helped me so much.

But you know, that was my manna for the day.

Sometimes I read it again and don’t feel inspired. It was my manna for last week.

God wants to give me something else today; He knows what it is I need right now.

He doesn’t want me to worry about remembering every single thing that ever inspired me, in case I am ever in need of it. He always has what I need at the moment. So I don’t need to put it in a ‘save my life’ list.

I do write it in my diary, and it is encouraging to read it and remember, […]

Five minute friday: reflect

Life is made up of moments. Ever so many of them, stringed on the rope of my life.

And when life is busy I keep planning and making lists and I keep shoving them of, pushing them away to some ‘later’ time. But then later becomes now and I still haven’t done it. I haven’t learned to be patient and loving and humble and kind and joyful. On which moment will I learn how to do that? If I would really believe that THE moment would come, you know, the one where you have inspiration and everlasting time and your are totally grown-up and the situation is just right…Then I could just put it of till then.But that won’t come, will it?

So I have to chose today and tomorrow and these times right now to do what I want to do.

When I look back to today, I don’t want to remember me longing for tomorrow; For the perfect day and time that I never quite got to.

I want to make memories today and become a better wife and mom and friend today and live like Jesus might call me home tonight. If He were to […]