Papa’s boy

Screaming and yelling, the boys welcome papa home. They waited on him all day long. From the moment he stepped out the door, with them standing in front of the window, howling. They thought their life was as tragic as anything.

After we built a very high tower with the duplo blocks, and the oldest could kick it down, they decided that life was worth living after all.

Gabriel still naps in the morning. After that, I promised Abel, we can go see Izaak. His face becomes a smile. A beaming, grinning, mischieveous smile. According to him, baby is all done sleeping now. I say he’s not. 5 minutes later, baby is really done sleeping, Abel informs me. But mama does not agree with him.

We make a train, a pile of pillows to jump in, empty the toy boxes with the cars and baby toys, we draw Abel’s hand and get the mail, and we eat raisins. Then, we hear a noise coming from upstairs. We run up the stairs and the noise becomes a cry. The cry turns into a laugh soon enough, when mama […]

Joy on Rainy Days

It’s gray and rainy and children are teething and get sick.

Sometimes you have to look hard and long before you find joy. Sometimes you don’t find it for awhile and you forget yesterday. Sometimes you have to sit and stare and drink another cup of tea.

But it really is true: ‘Joy comes in the morning’. And there is never, ever a moment in which we can not hope on God. In the rain and through the crying we can hope on Him.

Everytime again He sends comfort, and His smile. Not always the same way; always different. You have to look for it, search. Open wide and receive it.

Finding a hat that was lost, visitors that clean windows and bring tulips, an hour with baby before the others wake up and kisses for just mama.

God takes care of me. God loves me.

Sometiems I forget it in my head, but my heart always knows it. Sometimes I don’t want it, but I always come running back.

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Mama and little man

The sun is shining and he wants to put on his coat.

I hold his hand and we walk outside, to the sun. The garden is one big mess, but it doesn’t bother him, bless his little heart. He sees leaves and a little bal, sand and an empty little pot. I walk on. He grins.

When I am halfway the garden path, he starts to walk faster. He toddles on towards me, bliss in his little face. Beaming from the sun, who is kindly sharing her light. When we reach the chickens, the little feet stop making steps, and the little hand grasps for the wire fence. It’s rickety, so he can move it to and fro. The chickens come to the fence, hopeful for goodies. The grains that they get are not greeted with much enthusiasm. The apple peels and porridge are a lot better. Maybe they are hoping for some grass, because sometimes there is good stuff like that to be got from that little hand.

The shoes are in the dirty mud, between the path and the wire fence. I pick the little man up and he looks back, at his friends, the […]