The joy of the children

The book ‘Christy’ ends with ”The joy of the children was in his face.’

I often think of that sentence when Abel laughs. He is so full of glee, overjoyed with life, he really has ‘the joy of the children’. ?He makes me think of all those bible verses that talk of joy and of children: being like a child and letting the children come. I look at Abel’s huge grin when I pick him up from school or when he gets the juice he so longed for. Like nothing bad can ever happen again. And think I should be more like him. Full of joy, anticipation, surpise and glee at what life brings.

This morning he sat on my lap and we sang ‘Old McDonald had a farm’ a zillion times. With every imaginable animal included. His smile was delicious and his hugs unexpected. We read book after book and were cozy and snug.

It was life, and it was good. And I was exactly where God wanted me at that moment, doing what He gave me to do.

I found lots of little joys.

I’m learning to let go of schedules and lists and to trust […]