All the little moments of life

Yesterday was a cold but sunny day. We should have gone outside, but we didn’t. And I chose to not feel guilty about it. I can go outside tomorrow.

The sun brightened our lives by shining through the windows. It also showed the dirt on the windows, but that’s fine. Since we are moving, the house is meant to be messy and dirty. Never mind that it usually is. Just never mind about that. It’s right now that matters, that’s what.

I had to go to town in the morning, and I got to go all by myself. I listened to Rend Collective and I put it on really, really loud. It was awesome. And then I had to come back and I did it again.

After picking up Abel from school I put both of the little fellas in their beds, and I had an entire hour to cook with no boys hanging on my skirts. It was….awesome. I finally made a recipe from Shauna Niequist’s book ‘Bread and Wine’ that I had gotten a year ago because I dislike cooking. Trina Holden recommended it ?because it talks about the importance of the time we spend around the […]