Abel and The Worm


My son is a very sweet little guy. Remember that before you read on.

This morning he found a worm outside, while digging in the gravel. Because why play with toys when there is such a thing as gravel?

He made friends with the worm and provided The Worm with a home. Several homes, in fact. At first, he proclamied the window sill to be The Worm’ house. Then the worm moved to the grass. The Worm, however, was lonely, and wanted to stay with Abel. They played together for a little while, with Abel pulling and squeezing the worm while lovelingly talking baby talk to it.

I, having softened my heart towards the worm, despite it’s yucky slimyness and squishyness, told Abel that The Worm would like to live in the empty crockery pot beside the window. Abel still regards me as an expert in such things as understanding the hearts’ desires of worms. Yay for me.

To make Abel feel involved, and like a good worm-parent, I advised him to make The Worm a grass bed. This he did, together with Gabriel, very enthusiastically. He added some gravel, just to make sure The Worm […]