My greatest fear

My greatest fear? That I will have to live tomorrow, like this, and do things I am not up to doing.?And it won’t be fun, it might even be horrid. Today I feel sick and everything aches and my three little boys are wild little things who, when I want space and rest,?climb on me,?stick to me and jump on me. Some days it’s hard to find the joy in these moments. And then the fear creeps in, that every single day of the rest of my life will be exactly like this. I will never get rested or feel good or have any sort of personal space ever again. Tomorrow I will most likely realize that that was an emotional thought in an emotional moment. But even if it were the truth? I wonder… when were we called to have fun? Let’s not ask the mother who drowned with her child in her arms, who sees her daughter being taken away to be abused or she who has no food for her babies. Let’s not ask her if she worries that she will have to do things that are no fun. If she’s upset because she’s not?enjoying herself. Fun, […]