Slow-motion movie moments. Or how to read a book with little boys.

Photo Credits: Jelis & Joses Van Calster

The oldest one is first. Because that is just propper, you know. He was first, after all. His eyes are brown, his hair is resisting the brush today, standing up in it’s sandy brown glory. His legs are perfect, tanned brown and with some mud streaked on for the image factor.

The younger one waddles after him. He’s been walking for a long time?now, but the duck-like waddle stubbornly stays. He sways this way and that, narrowly missing a fall that would make the bumps on his forehead an even 4. The little man bends down to retrieve a fallen treasure…a wrinkled potato, and goes of the steps backwards. He starts crawling way to early, and keeps waiting for the step to go down.

Once he is safely off, he runs after his brother.Big boy goes in the baby swing, and little boy goes into the big boys swing. Because that is how they like it. They sit, brown eyes turned expectantly on me, blue eyes squinting in the sun while doing the same.

So there we go. We push.?I run inside to get my very own treasure that is Surprised […]

Finding beauty in chicken poop

So I get up in the morning and dread the day because there’s 10 hours in this house with 2 boys and me. It’s raining outside and the kids are already going balistic.

They eat porridge and the table and hands and faces are full of it. Some lands on the floor. After like, forever, they are done eating and they are cleaned up and go play.

One second later the first cry ensues. Mom, everlasting judge and peacemaker, comes in between the two little cannibals.

We are now 24 minutes into our day.?An eternity awaits us.

I make up my mind to be patient and kind and I open my bible. This seemed to be the signal for the boys to start fighting over a book. My annoyance bubbles up again, from my stomach into my chest up to my throat until it reaches my eyes and the fire spews out at my two little muppets.

Gabri?l is young enough to be vulnerable. He cries at my anger. Abel is old enough to react in anger and his anger is fierce, pushing me away with flickering, angry eyes. I push my bible away because it does not seem to […]

How to get your mom to take you to the hospital

By geust author Gabriel Brignola, age 2 Hi, Toddlers out there!

Do you love the doctor as much as I do? I do so love the doctor! I don’t get why my mom never wants to?take me to him when I hurt my finger or my leg or my toes. I mean, there might not be any?blood or anything, but it still hurts, you know!

Sunday night, I fell down the stairs. It was a massive fall, quite spectacular really. It is still unclear how it happened, we are debating the possibility of my brother pushing me in his exitcement to be first. He gets quite excited about stuff like that.

So anyway. We went to the hospital, and it was awesome. We went to a hospital a little farther away because my uncle works there, he’s with the ambulance. So we went in uncle Nick’s hospital and his doctor and his nurses fixed me up. They all thought I was so cute. Which I am.

I had so much fun there, I wanted to go back. But my mom, for some strange reason, did not want to take me. Not when I stubbed my toe, not when I […]