Why the buttercups and the babies?

In this world there are buttercups and baby toes and tiny little dewdrops.

Also, there’s evil that barges in with a shattering silence, shooting heartache into the world. They shoot it into lives while shooting away lives.

Me? I don’t know what the “should”s are that I ought to do.

Should I focus on the pretty, on the cute? Leave the heartbroken to fend for themselves? Or Should I focus on the pain, the broken things and

Do I keep myself safe, guard my children fiercely and only?

There might be a balance to do both, but I dislike it. Balance seems halfhearted. I prefer throwing myself into things entirely. I’m not saying that approach is the wisest. Only that this comes more naturally to my impulsive character.

I look outside and it’s grey out there. ‘Nippy’, a long forgotten word Emily’s mom taught me again. It says it quite right. The big tree that towers over our not so small house has lost most of its leaves. The empty branches stand out starkly against the grey watercolor sky. The rain falls down silently, slowly while birds fly by in a hurry.

It seems only right. With all the […]