The superdaddy has a birthday

The Superdaddy turned 35 yesterday and his 4-year-old son didn’t get that his daddy wouldn’t get a party. He himself has been quite enamoured with the idea of a themed birthday party since his cousin had a Paw Patrol party back in December.

His blank stares woke our pity and softened our hearts. We stopped our extensive and elaborate explanations and let papa choose a theme. At mama’s silent encouragement, he chose a Superhero party because all the guys around here have a superhero costume. Mike actually got one from my extended family the day before his birthday because Van Calsters are awesome like that.

The superdaddy went up to his office to work and me and the little batman and superman went to work.

There were superhero buntings and superhero balloons and then there was a spiderman-ish cake.

It was the perfect excuse to pull out my wedding dress that I had recently rescued from the garage, and then superdaddyman rescued me from being supermanless.

He played superherofootball with his boys and wore a cape and made me fall in love?again because it was his birthday but it revolved around his […]

When the sunshine is surreal

Yesterday morning I brought the two boys to school and it was such a normal day. Caleb stayed home with papa. I came back home to find him on papa’s lap, and for probably the first time in his little life, he preferred to stay with papa. With a very self aware smile, he looked at me, pretending to be a little shy. And then his face went back to the baby Einstein movie he was watching on papa’s phone. Total bliss radiated from his face.

As we sat there adoring our youngest, we were interrupted. A friend called on papa’s phone, to ask us if we had heard about Zaventem. We had not. A few seconds later we were scrolling through the newswebsites, looking for the very latest bit of news.

Yes, we now knew.

1 casualty. 4?casualties. 6. Up it went, along with another explosion. And so as far as we know right now, the count is up to?34. A lot of others wounded.

After reading the news, I went with my sister to wash her car and buy fresh milk. It was a nice day. Sunny. Summery. Trees with blossoms and birds that sing and life goes […]

No good resolutions

Here it is. After a very long silence, my first thoughts of 2016. Not that I am just now thinking them. I am just now sharing them, that’s all 😉

New Year. Full of expectations. A new page. It comes just in time, after Christmas.?Christmas. We look forward to it for so long and it seldom fulfills our expectations. Or maybe we don’t even look forward to it anymore because after all, we are cynical Belgians, and we have to keep up our reputation.?So Christmas didn’t fulfill my expectation, although I knew that beforehand – because I wanted the Christmas of my childhood. The one with traditions and people who are not here anymore, or don’t live in the same house. I wanted the time of magic and fun times.I knew beforehand that I am not a child anymore, that I have children of my own now and that family gatherings?with small children are not all that.I knew that the Christmas parties of then are not now, that they have changed.

Still, it must have been there, deep down. Because there was an emptiness, a missing. Logic and understanding didn’t prevent it.

I couldn’t quite forgive the people […]