In the purple fairy forest

Every year about halfway through April until the beginning of May if we’re lucky, there’s a forest in Belgium, Hallerbos, that becomes a fairytale place.

Quietly and unassuming, thousands, millions of little flowers open up themselves, standing shoulder to shoulder, to cover the forest floor in a carpet of purple glory. If you can, go for a walk this weekend.

These days are the very last days the flowers are blooming like this. Because the pictures are pretty, but if you go for a walk there? You smell a million flowery dreams. You see just how far and wide the flower go.

You see just how beautiful it can be if every little flower just stands where God put it, and gives it’s color and it’s delicious smell. Just one is pretty. But all of these together? Too beautiful for words.

A day in the sunshine. Purple magic everywhere. If there were fairies, they would be right here.

But we don’t need fairies. We’ve got a million purple flowers and a creamy smell.

We’ve got little boys writing letters in the dirt.

We’ve got tree branches to walk on and trees to hug. Blue butterflies to chase.


The very brave tulips

My tulips are brave in the wind. It nearly forces them to touch the ground when it blows at its hardest. They look quite fragile, as if a small puff of wind could blow the leaves right off. How do they hang on so tightly?

I want to be brave in the wind, too.

I want to hold onto my leaves and my colors. Would that look like courage and a smile, like kindness and joy?

I want to keep that while bending down low, while the wind comes right at me and pushes me down. And then to bounce back up again.

I tend to think my life should be that of a tulip in a grassy little flower garden on a sunny day in June all of the time.

When it isn’t, I tend to think it is dreadful, and my life is dreadful, and I am dreadful, and everything will always be dreadful. Like something is wrong, big time, with my life and myself.

Silly me. Am I so easily fooled? Tricked into discontentment? It would seem that I am.

There is rain and there is sunshine, there are dark skies and blue skies, there […]

Book Review – Always Plenty

Starting the night early with a cup of tea and a book is always a good idea. Especially when you are sick. Yesterday I did just that, with the cutest book! It was short enough to read in 45 minutes so that I could still go to sleep early enough, which is a smart thing when you are sick.

I do love finishing the book before I go to sleep. It makes it so much easier to go to sleep 😉

I loved the style of this book. It was reminiscent of some of my favorite childrens classics, such as ‘Little House on the Prairie’ and ‘Grandma’s Attic Series‘. It has a vintage, classic feel, without being too old-fashioned, or out-dated.

The drawings are cute, I especially love the black and white ones inside: simple but oh-so-sweet. They leave room for imagination, which is ideal, I think. It gives you something to start with, for example a whimsically drawn pickle jar, and your imagination finishes furnishing the rest of the room. At least mine does.

The story is true, and that, I always love. It’s not a magnificent from rags to riches ?(which is good in it’s own time). […]

big blue eyes and yellow flowers

The little dimpled hands are ever so cute, clinging to me.

The big blue eyes he can charm anyone with are just too perfect. Pools of blue laughter, love and drama. His first steps, his headlong falling in my arms because he knows I will catch him and he is too lazy to learn how to walk. The little baby sounds, trying to copy ?my words. A giggle from deep down in the baby tummy bubbles up and seeps out through features in the expressive little face and the delighted mouth that isn’t scared to get really loud. Delightful, is what it is. What he is. Just like the flowers he tries to grab.

I don’t blame him. Their bright colors are pretty and alluring.

It’s also exhausting. One second on the floor and he wails for Mama, loud and heartbroken because his little brain can’t wrap itself around the fact that Mama still loves him, even though she does not pick him up. One second out of my sight and his world crashes. His head tilts back and a loud screech splits the air. Or he lets his little body fall face first on the floor, […]

Always enough

Two little men-to-be, running in the sun. One of them is fast and agile, the other one can’t seem to follow his own legs.A third little guy sits on the stone pavement, eating some mud and giggling delightful baby sounds to his brothers.I sit on the doorstep, enjoying this first day of warm, barefoot weather sunshine.?I gaze up at the tree that almost succeeds in dwarfing this huge house we may live in for now. All at once my head snaps up, and I run to the tree. Pulling one of the lower branches down, my fear is confirmed.?After months of waiting for it to bloom all pink and fluffy like a Queen in the garden, I discover I’ve missed it. Did it happen while we were gone for the weekend, two weeks ago? One week ago? We were only gone for a weekend, twice. Surely it can’t be over that fast??This is the second year I waited in vain. Last year, too, I anticipated the day the Queen would put on her pink fairy dress and dance tall, slow and elegantly over the garden. I thought I ?saw the pink blossoms peek out from under the […]