Summer vacation, all the good and fun and pretty and yummy things!

Summer VacationLong summer days, running through the grass barefoot. Playing in the sandbox. Sea, sun, reading books.These first days of our belgian summer vacation aren’t all that summery and idylic, like the slow-motion images of my childhood that play in my mind, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be as much fun.We can read inside, on the couch, just as well. We are big fans of this book:

We have a sponsor child as well, and I think Abel finally gets what it means. This book is about a boy named Abel, and our Abel loves that. Abel lives in Kenia, where our sponsor child Leperan happens to live as well. The drawings are unbelievably pretty, and I’m thinking about getting another book to take some drawings out and frame them.

I would like to involve the boys more in writing to Leperan, but until now they didn’t understand what it was about. I think they might be ready for it now.

It’s my own fault, really. I originally sponsored a little girl, but her family left the Compassion project and because of some slowness of the letter getting to me, they automatically assigned me a boy. And […]