A very human human

ElekeI am Naomi’s big sister. Four years ago I married my honey and now I am mama to almost 3 little children. I’m not so good with words as my little sister, but I will try to tell my story as good as I can.?
I have loved God as long as I can remember. I am so thankful to my parents that they gave me Jesus. They couldn’t have given me anything that is more beautiful, more important and real.
Whatever my little sister may claim, about how angelic I always was, I have always been a very human human :). I still remember very well how I struggled with my little sins as a child. My egoism, anger, ugly thoughts.. I didn’t want these things in my heart. I didn’t want to hurt God with them and still it was (and is) so hard to get rid of these things.
When I was about 13 I felt a growing desire to change and have a personal relationship with God. I was?baptized?when I was 14. Right after my baptism I started to doubt very much. Had I been ready for this? Wasn’t I supposed to feel so different and changed now?
For years these doubts made it very difficult for me. Still, at the same time I still felt joy and satisfaction in God. Until one day, God just gave peace and rest in my heart. I was His. And it was so good.
That has been several years ago. I have felt very close to God, but I’ve felt far away, too. My spiritual life has a lot of high points, but many low points as well. By God’s grace I hope and believe that I shall keep on growing in obedience to Him. It is my desire that when I am an older woman, I will be an?inspiring?person, someone who runs over with God’s wisdom and love.

God is the only, God is truth. I see that in everything around me. People are put together so unbelievably beautifully. Nature is often so stirringly beautiful. Everything is affected by sin and still I see God’s original, authentic, amazing perfection throughout it. It can give me such rest and security when I am conscious that I am nothing without Him. I pray that I can learn more and more of God’s greatness through my own smallness.


This post is part of my 31 days series ‘More like My Father’.


The series has stories?in which people of all kinds of backgrounds share how they got to know the Lord, and how He can change our life.?

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