Garden magic

I walk to the far end of the garden, where the hedge meets the grass. Its branches, untouched for two years, droop down gently in a green, cascading waterfall. Now and then they ripple in the breeze.

In a few weeks, the hedge will be cut into a straight rectangle. It will be a bland, boring old lady, all prunes and prisms.

Now it is a kind friend. A friend who knows all the secrets of the garden, and will reveal them to a select few. She hides bugs, and bird nests. She protects children from colds winds and makes safe corners.

The grass is long, gone into seed. It looks like a meadow wanting to be played […]

when life is not idyllic

Last year, we went to the Hallerbos. It is, as I told Abel, the place where fairies live. Every morning, before anybody else is awake they pick up their little buckets of glittery water and clean all the flowers until they shine.

I had been stalking the Hallerbos website for almost six weeks now, waiting until the Hyacinths would bloom. Then one Friday late in April we went, and I was quite excited about it.

The year before had been sunny and warm, we had picnicked and it was beautiful. Even though we did get a little lost and the walk took us a lot longer then planned.

So we parked at another parking lot, hoping it was […]

10 good things about rain

It’s spring. And although spring came with sunshine and clear blue skies, some of the sunshine is making way for rainy days.But if I tell Abel that there are always good things to be found even in really bad days, I must find some good things about rain. Otherwise I would be lying, and I couldn’t possibly face him when he is 20 if I lie to him at 5. He’s quite the grudge holder, and could grow up to be a lawyer or a salesman. Someone who can take whichever point of view he pleases and then proceed to tell you why he is right in a very convincing way.So who ever said rain is terrible?I did. I […]