Goodbye 27. Hello 28

Goodbye 27. Hello 28Goodbye 27. Honestly, 28 doesn’t sound that much older then 27, so don’t get all uppity or anything.

Thanks for teaching me a little more patience. I do hope 28 is a little bit of a gentler teacher than you, though. You don’t have to be all-in-my-face, you know.

Thanks for the good moments and the bad. Well, I really just mean the good but I know what I’m supposed to say, you know. It’s like in Sunday school. Just say “Jesus” and all will be fine. Your teacher and your father will be immensely proud of you.

Seriously though, if I stop being sarcastic for a moment, I have to admit that while I would never chose the hard things, I am not sorry for the lessons they have taught me. I might still prefer a little fairy to come along and instill a loving and forgiving and totally nice character into me without having to go through, you know, hardships.

But if this is the way it has to be, then so be it. Through living we learn to live. And I do live. I do think I’m nicer at the beginning of 28 than 27. Imagine how nice I will be in at 100.

Thanks for the new books. And through the books the stories and worlds and travels and friends.

For the new music and for learning I like making songs.

For making my 3 boys a little bigger and more independent. It’s a thrilling thing, to be sure. Although I do miss the whole tiny baby thing. Don’t say this to 28. I like babies but not so much the 9-months-being-a-depressed-elephant thing. Although I am well aware that I am incredibly blessed to have 3 beautiful children, just like that!

Thanks for teaching me to hang in there. Thanks for teaching me that I don’t have to feel guilty about every thing I say or don’t say and do or don’t do. I can’t promise you I’m putting it in practice but I know the theory by heart now. Thanks for showing me that Christ loves me the way I am. If He would have preferred me perfect He would have made me so.

Thanks for showing me that failings and uncertainties and getting up and keeping on going is a beautifully human and simply beautiful thing. Making mistakes can be a beautiful thing. Just look at all the accidental babies walking around on this planet.

That He loves my story the way it’s going. Otherwise He could have just forced everything to happen a certain way.

Thanks for showing me that it’s good even when it isn’t good, because we can love and laugh and read books and hold hands no matter how sucky it is, and how un-lovely we feel. And having people to love and to have relationships with, is better then a beautiful new house, a 100 antique books, a cruise, or whichever accomplishments and dreams we can dream up.

Just doing life together with a bunch of people.

Thanks for giving me beautiful moments with friends, who stick in there with me even when I’m dreadfully annoying and who give me heartfelt compliments when I’m being awesome.

For encouraging people and words who came along on the exact right days.

Farewell beautiful days of 27. Hello beautiful days of 28.

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