It is well


There are busy people and calm people, fast and slow ones. Happy-go-lucky and melancholy people. There are al sorts of people and all sorts of days.

Busy ones and calm ones. Happy and melancholy. Days full of plans, dreams and energy, days that are empty, tired and without vision.

There are people who live in extremes and I might maybe possibly be one of them. If there is a happy day, I am certain that all days will from now on be like that, or I want to make sure they will be. When a slow and visionless day comes along I become instantly depressed and convinced that all days will from now on and henceforth ?always be like that.

If there is one thing I have learned, it is that I have learned not to pay overly much attention to my feelings about it.

Because like in one of my favourite songs…It is well with my soul. It will always well with my soul. Because there is an all consuming presence, it doesn’t swallow me up in uncaring blackness. It covers me, holds me, fills and?loves me.

It is not a nameless and unpersonal force, it is a He, and He is the Creator of the universe, the Creator of my soul.

He loves me. When I feel only sadness and loss, when I see no future or don’t feel capable of facing the one I do see.?Who goes with me all the way when I am on cloud 9.?When my brains are full and overflowing with plans and dreams that I don’t know what to start with.

He loves me, when I feel no purpose or fire. And gently, softly, gives me a smile.

When I am dancing in the clouds, when I can’t sleep because it’s just too awesome, He dances with me. Full of love,?He shows me the moon and the stars that He put there so long ago. A certainty, the unending greatness of God. Who was then and Who is now. Who was there and Who is here now.

A smile for the slow days, the uncertain and the invisible ones. The small moments in which I accomplish absolutely nothing.

Rest for the busy, dreaming days.

Honestly? Smallness, uncertainty and slowness in my days are scarier then noble quests and big tasks. Going through the mundane tomorrows can paralyse me as no trip into the unknown every did.

But this Presence? He?sends a quiet glow, the promise of Always and Forever and of belonging to the One who created me, who holds my soul.?Of not needing to do everything, the permission to be small and the permission to bear responsibilities. Of getting to create and make, of resting and doing and being.

Gives me the knowledge this mundane moment is a little part of my story, that is part of His story.?He?sends contentment at just the right time, telling me I am always home.


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