2picShe’s standing in the corner, smiling shyly.

Looking at the others, wishing she was them. Wishing she could just be there, too.
She’s walking the school halls, giggling and talking, seeming quite sure of herself.

She’s in so many places.

The girl who fears she’s not enough. ?School is stressy and peer pressure even more so. Life is busy and grades are hard to get, although not quite as hard as getting friends.

One thing she can control??Her weight.
You compliment her for losing weight, she smiles and nods and remembers it.

Next time at the table? She only eats a few bites.
Saturday after McDonald’s??She throws that up when she gets home.

Someone else wows her on the weight loss. She remembers it all. The approval is nice. Feeling like she ‘belongs’. For once. Feeling like she’s capable. She can accomplish something.
And so she continues to stand on the scale several times a day. The one thing she is sure she’ll get approval for. It’s addicting.

Next time you see she’s lost weight? Think twice before assuming that losing weight is always a good thing.

It isn’t always.

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