In the purple fairy forest

Every year about halfway through April until the beginning of May if we’re lucky, there’s a forest in Belgium, Hallerbos, that becomes a fairytale place.

Quietly and unassuming, thousands, millions of little flowers open up themselves, standing shoulder to shoulder, to cover the forest floor in a carpet of purple glory. If you can, go for a walk this weekend.

These days are the very last days the flowers are blooming like this. Because the pictures are pretty, but if you go for a walk there? You smell a million flowery dreams. You see just how far and wide the flower go.

You see just how beautiful it can be if every little flower just stands where God put it, and gives it’s color and it’s delicious smell. Just one is pretty. But all of these together? Too beautiful for words.

A day in the sunshine. Purple magic everywhere. If there were fairies, they would be right here.

But we don’t need fairies. We’ve got a million purple flowers and a creamy smell.

We’ve got little boys writing letters in the dirt.

We’ve got tree branches to walk on and trees to hug. Blue butterflies to chase.