Lessons on the road

Mike was in India for 2 weeks. The day before he came home I drove to his parents house since that is closer to the airport.

As I left home, I discovered the GPS was not working.

Now, of course, I’ve been to my parents (in law) a thousand times, but I’m very (very) bad with roads and cars and directions and all that kind of stuff.?As Lucy says in Narnia when Edmund says the worst thing about girls is that they don’t carry a map in their heads: ‘That’ s ?because our heads have something in them’.?But I thought I’d try. I could always stop and ask for directions to some stranger. (Yeah right)

After driving for a little while, while praying very, very hard, I thought… God wants to use this to tell me something.?I always want to know ahead of time what’s going to happen. I worry about things that might happen in 20 years.?The way I understood it, God wanted to tell me that He’s in control and He’ll tell me where to go and what to do the moment He thinks I should know.

So here I was, driving along, frantically pushing the power button […]