How the laundry basket told me to live right now

There’s a piece of brown, broad moving tape on our laundry basket upstairs.

I put it on a year and five months ago to keep the lid and the basket together when we moved here. I don’t notice it very often. When I do, I figure I might as well leave it on until we move again.

Were not staying here anyway.?It might be time to take it of now.?It can become a habit to move on.

We’re not staying here anyway.

I don’t want to invest myself here anymore. It’s too risky?and it will?make it hurt more to leave. I might even leave a part of me behind.

I detach, dream of and plan for the future instead of being present in the now.

I’ve lived in 14 houses now. The longest we stayed in a house was 4 years and the shortest was 5 months.

There’s always the initial giving it my all, wanting to put down roots, attempting to push and stomp them into the ground.

Going all out to make friends. Excitement about the new. Towards the end when I can feel the move looming up just beyond the horizon, there’s the pull-back. Slow at […]