To be closer

To be closer
I’ve wanted to read through the Bible since I was 10 or so.

My dad encouraged us to come to him with any questions about our Bible reading, so when I came to Leviticus I went to ask him something.

It resulted in a series of sermons of Leviticus.

I was immensely proud that I was the, um, founder of the series. I do have to say that I thought them exceptionally boring and very long. (Since then, my opinion has been revised and my unbiased opinion happens to be that my dad is the very best preacher in the entire world. But that was not my opinion when I was 10.)

I tried reading through the Bible 4 more times, and the furthest I ever got was Chronicles. Or was it Kings? In any case, it was about kings and battles.

Last year I followed Breeze’s Bible reading plan.

And this time at long last, it worked!

Some days I only read in order to check of the day. Some days I was completely inspired and other days not at all.

At the end of the year, I found that I had grown closer to God. Or gotten to know more of Him, because He had always been right beside me.

It makes sense. If you have an attitude that even remotely resembles ‘I want to get to know God better’, even on those uninspired days, then you just have to get to know Him better when you read His word.

I noticed that I – even more so then before- trusted Him blindly.

That I knew I was close to Him, even when I didn’t feel it.

I learned to be quiet in His presence. To trust that He would work on it in secret.

That is to say, the hidden parts of my heart. All those days, months that I was reading, quite often without mountain top experiences, He was silently but powerfully at work.

When I finished in October, I started over because I don’t want to lose this.

The connection.

The always being refilled, even when I don’t have the mental power or mood. That’s it: I make myself available, and He does the work.

I’ve been reading my Bible daily, and I’ve gone through quite a few devotionals.

But this? This is unique.

Just His word, me and His work.

To be closer

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