Under the sandstorm

 Under the sandstorm
To me, sometimes.
To you, right now or then.I wish I could wrap you tight in a circle of safety.
I wish I could give you my certainty, that everything will be all right even when everything is too hard.

Would that steal your own soul adventures?

I wish I could show you the hope that burns bright, even when you can’t feel it. It’s always there, like the sun, but it might not be visible in your today. It might be just around the bend, waiting for morning.

I wish I could make you understand that you don’t need to feel it.

That you don’t need to feel okay.

That someday, this darkness will recede and you will step out hesitantly, finding out you are so very victorious. Then you will smile and square your shoulders and take the next step confidently.

I wish I could show you the height and depth and width of His love for you…
I wish I could always have the right attitude and speak the right words so that you’d be convinced.

I wish I could fast forward. I might be tempted to do it, but would it rush you through something that could show you who you are?

I wish I could show you how very peaceful the ground is that you stand on, beneath the swirling sandstorm.

I wish I could show you the blueness of the sky and the sparkles in the flowers all around us. I wish I could let you listen to the music I can feel.

But until then,

I want you to know I will be here for you.
Like a promise.
Like a lot of love.
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