What they are all saying

What they are all saying
The trees are saying it, while the sticky sap is running through their veins, rushing to the leaves that are making oxygen so that we breathe, live.

That God is great.

The sun is shining it out with its warmth from 90 million miles away. It warms us, sends energy with the sunbeams that come barging through space towards us, so our skin can transform it into vitamins.

Three small boys who grew into actual people in me. Now they walk beside me, becoming who they are a little more every day.

Eyes full of admiration, seeing miracles.  It’s the miracle I see.

God is great.
The summer comes, anticipated by everybody. Hope flares up in our hearts like fireworks in the night sky.The mystery in our hearts that long for something else. Something untouchable, unattainable and it becomes reachable and tangible when we love others, when we feel the sun on our skin and when we create beauty to see.The presence of God we can see in the everyday, all around us, and at the same time have to hunt for as if it’s a lifelong, worldwide treasure hunt.The clouds, big airy castles made of dust and water and they’re floating over us, speaking it without words.

They tell us that God is so very, very great.

Every drop that has been here before, rose up into the sky like fairy mist and falls down again today. They’re saying it while they clatter down on our roof.

That God is great.

That if He sees them, surely He sees us. He knows where each particle of water has been before it landed on our roof or on our head, and He knows where we have been and where we will go. What we are thinking and feeling.

He was with every water drop no mater where it fell before, and He will be with us.

The birds who know where to go when summer leaves, and who are called back home when winter ends.
In large swarms they come back, singing praises for their Maker.

They sing that He is great.

What they are all saying
What they are all saying

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