When you wonder when you will find yourself

A myth persists that as a child we grow up and develop a character, as a teenager we discover who we truly are so that by the time we are adults we are ready to step out into the world with self-confidence, ready to be who we are out there.

And then we don’t find out who we are and we don’t feel very grownup and we think our life has started of without us.

What we don’t realize fully, what flutters evasively just out of reach? Is that we are who we are and have been all along. We change and we keep changing.Discovering that you enjoy something when you are 30 doesn’t mean that you didn’t fully know yourself up until then. Or maybe it means exactly that, and that’s just it: God made us in such a beautifully complex and changing way that we need a lifetime and more to figure out ourselves.

As something new enters the story, it doesn’t say that who you were up until then was a lie. It was just a different chapter of your story, but the last chapter is just as much a part of the book as the previous ones.
It’s why it is so important our identity doesn’t get wrapped up in a hobby, a look, a way of speaking or acting, or the circles we move in. Why it’s essential that we do not create a front, a character to play for people to see and like and look up to.

Our identity is wrapped up in the Creator of our souls. He made us with the potential to change, grow, adapt, learn new things and let go of old things… Write a new chapter, move on from old things while keeping them in our heart.

We may be who we are in Him and we do not need to feel restricted or unknown or uncertain.

Because we are very much known, and very much liked.

And God is always certain.

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