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Vandaag schrijf ik een recensie voor een engelstalig boek. Ik zal de recensie zelf dus niet vertalen 😉


Starting the night early with a cup of tea and a book is always a good idea. Especially when you are sick. Yesterday I did just that, with the cutest book! It was short enough to read in 45 minutes so that I could still go to sleep early enough, which is a smart thing when you are sick.I do love finishing the book before I go to sleep. It makes it so much easier to go to sleep ;)I loved the style of this book. It was reminiscent of some of my favorite childrens classics, such as ‘Little House on the Prairie’ and ‘Grandma’s Attic Series‘.
It has a vintage, classic feel, without being too old-fashioned, or out-dated.The drawings are cute, I especially love the black and white ones inside: simple but oh-so-sweet. They leave room for imagination, which is ideal, I think. It gives you something to start with, for example a whimsically drawn pickle jar, and your imagination finishes furnishing the rest of the room. At least mine does.The story is true, and that, I always love. It’s not a magnificent from rags to riches ?(which is good in it’s own time). It’s a realistic story with a good ending, not by something a great hero did for the characters, but what they themselves did by taking Jesus’ words and heart seriously: strong characters who overcome with courage, kindness and forgiveness and do not fall into victimhood.

The story is about three girls and their mother: Darlene, Eddie, Ocy and their mom are quite poor but do not see themselves as not having enough. When the church calls for an offering at easter for a poor family, they are very excited to get to work and find all kinds of ways to raise money. Their contentment with what they have and their joy in giving to others is inspiring, to say the least, and the way they rise above their circumstances and deal with tough blows is humbling.

It truly moved me, and I look forward to reading it to my boys. At 4 and 3, they are still a bit young for this one, although they did follow and love the story if I just told it with less and simpler words.There are some great life lessons in there, and it being a true story makes them so much the more applicable, I always think.

During the first months after it’s release, 50% of the profits go to the organization through which the authoresses’ family adopted on of their children.
I’d say buy one for you and one for a friend.?And your sister and your grandmother. They will all love it, as well they should 😉

*I?purchased my own copy for this review, and all opinions are my own

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