A trip to Mars

They almost run me over in their enthusiasm when they come to give me a hug.

I hug them back, I think they’re sweet.

They run down the stairs like a troop of wild elephants and the love cools down. Or pauses. Or does the love just get irritated for a second?

I don’t think I should be irritated as I walk downstairs, irritated.
I am an elephant, too. An elephant who closes the door quite loudly.

They want oatmeal and I want coffee and quiet but well…in that case I should not have taken three boys.
And I would rather have those three boys.

But I also want coffee now.
And quiet.

It is 9 o’clock in the morning and there are still many hours in this day.
With no quiet.

The sound moves outside.

I sit inside with my quiet.
We are good friends.

The sound comes inside again.
If I don’t want to come out side and fly to Mars?

Spaceships make a lot of noise, but sure, I’d love to go along to Mars.
One simply doesn’t throw away a chance like that.

(The spaceship outside did not get photographed, but we did, naturally, also have a spaceship inside)

A trip to Mars

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