About Omily

Hi! I am Naomi.?Married to my very dear husband, Mike.

Together we have 3 fantastic boys, Abel, Gabri?l and Caleb, who are, honestly, the most beautiful children.

In the whole world.

We pass our days with lots of laughter and lots of diapers.

We also cry sometimes, and spill chocolate milk on the tablecloth. Sometimes we spit up all over mama.

Together we learn about life, how it’s so hard sometimes, not always fun. How it’s also so unbelievably beautiful and awesome. Together we learn how to see God in those difficult times and things, and we thank Him for all of the wonder and beauty. And for each other.

My boys love building forts, playing superheroes, painting, eating cookes, climbing up things and jumping down things and reading books.

I love reading, writing, baking, sewing, crafting, walking and eating chocolate.

Ironing, cleaning, washing dishes and doing the never-ending clean-up dance also happen, but I can’t say any of us really love any of those.

On this little spot you can come and read what we learn about life, what we do and sometimes what we read. Sit down with a cup of tea or coffee. Or, if you’re a bit of a health freak like I am, maybe with some kefir or kombucha.

Welcome, and thanks for your fun visit 🙂




Omily ~

Naomi Brignola


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