The superdaddy has a birthday


The Superdaddy turned 35 yesterday and his 4-year-old son didn’t get that his daddy wouldn’t get a party. He himself has been quite enamoured with the idea of a themed birthday party since his cousin had a Paw Patrol party back in December.

His blank stares woke our pity and softened our hearts. We stopped our extensive and elaborate explanations and let papa choose a theme. At mama’s silent encouragement, he chose a Superhero party because all the guys around here have a superhero costume. Mike actually got one from my extended family the day before his birthday because Van Calsters are awesome like that.

The superdaddy went up to his office to work and me and the little batman and superman went to work.

There were superhero buntings and superhero balloons and then there was a spiderman-ish cake.


It was the perfect excuse to pull out my wedding dress that I had recently rescued from the garage, and then superdaddyman rescued me from being supermanless.


He played superherofootball with his boys and wore a cape and made me fall in love?again because it was his birthday but it revolved around his boys and that is just like, super.

Superdaddy, I love you loads.

I forgive you for embarrasing my younger self by coming to see me with a bunch of pink heart-shaped balloons the very first time my ever-teasing unromantic family saw us together.

I love it that you kill big spiders for me and don’t run after me with the dead spider in a tissue, but go throw it in the toilet and also flush it. *stern glance at my father and brothers*

I love it that you open the car door for me whenever you can, even though I usually forget and am out of the car before you are to start unloading boys.

I love that you trusted me to cut your hair before we were even married, while you very well knew I had never cut anybodies hair before.

Thank you for all the cups of coffee and tea you’ve made me.

And all the chocolate. Keep it coming.

Thank you for being mostly patient with me and rescuing me from myself when I flip out. Not that I ever do. I’m so flexible and chill, as you know.

Thank you for explaining computer talk to me even though I don’t get it and don’t even want to get it sometimes.

Thank you for letting me read a lot of books and thank you for forcing me to stop when I am a little too far gone. I can’t promise I will ever appreciate it the moment you do it, though.

Thank you for being excited with me about things you don’t get just because I am.

Thank you for our three beautiful boys.

Thank you for telling me to go take a shower when I am just too stressed. You know me so well.

Thank you for always loving me.

I love you lotses and lotses. I love your smile and your laugh and ?I love seeing our boys’ faces light up when they see you. I love that you come in after a day of work and give them the smile and the hug they’ve been waiting for, ,while listening to all the stories of the day that come out in one loud wail.

Thank you for brushing the teeth of the kid that won’t sit still.

Thank you for being quick to forgive and quick to say sorry. For always making up after we’ve spoken words too loudly and too fast and too harsh. For listening to me and loving me even when I am absolutely unreasonable. Thank you for not letting me be unreasonable without a scolding all too often.
Thank you for so many more things.
I look forward to growing old, too, and then growing even older together. 😉





Thanks for always proofreading my blogposts. You can proofread this one, too, when you have time 😉




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