Daugthers of the Faith

One of my favorite series is the Daughters of the faith series by Wendy Lawton.

They are like the Heroes of the faith series, but for young girls about young girls. Unlike the “Heroes of the Faith”, these are not biographies, but more like fictional stories, inspired by the life of these girls. In each epilogue there are some facts about the main character, as well as what happened when they grew up. I love the way?Wendy?Lawton wove stories about the life of these real and inspiring girls.

It is written for ages 8-12, but some 23 year-olds still love them. They are short and easy to read, ideal for younger girls.?Still, I re-and-re-and-re-read these lovely books of girls that really lived and were so plucky, faithful,?courageous.

There are not many books I recommend for everybody and that I cannot find anything inappropriate in, but these are. Innocent and uplifting, we see the character’s faith and personal relationship with God unfolding and deepening.

A big bonus is all the historical information you get. I am always so inspired, my curiosity piqued, that I look up all I can find ?on whichever book I just read. These books would be perfect to use for making a history lesson fun, having the students read one and then have them do research for a presentation. I would almost do it myself for the fun of it.?Each book has a glossary with words of the specific time era explained. I loved the Mayflowers’ one where it is explained that ‘klompen’ is the dutch word for wooden shoes.

And then the cherry on the pie… the covers are so pretty! I would just want them for the covers alone.

You can download free bookmarks printables for these books here.

To read more on each book, you can click?here?on the author’s page, or you can read my reviews that will be posted later this week.

Written for the annual link-up for Kindredgrace.com ‘s March of Books
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