when life is not idyllic

Last year, we went to the Hallerbos. It is, as I told Abel, the place where fairies live. Every morning, before anybody else is awake they pick up their little buckets of glittery water and clean all the flowers until they shine.

I had been stalking the Hallerbos website for almost six weeks now, waiting until the Hyacinths would bloom. Then one Friday late in April we went, and I was quite excited about it.

The year before had been sunny and warm, we had picnicked and it was beautiful. Even though we did get a little lost and the walk took us a lot longer then planned.

So we parked at another parking lot, hoping it was closer to the flowers than the one we had parked at last year.

But it wasn’t.

And after about 2 minutes of walking the children decided they had enough and they wanted to go back to the car.

I, on the other hand, was intent on enjoying this walk and so I became the mom that over-cheerfully, loudly praised all the things the forest has to offer.

Mike wasn’t complaining, but the un-excitement was seeping of his face. He didn’t […]

The end of the series, but not of the journey

Well, that was that. I didn’t write 31 days, but that’s absolutely fine, because I say so. As I daily tell Abel ‘Mama is the boss’.

I started way back, and I’ve ended up where I am now. So I will keep on going from here, about where I am and where I’m going.

I do hope you’ll stick around. That would be fun, I think.

I will probably be posting a little something about twice a week. And if I don’t, you’ll see. By which I mean, you won’t see anything, and you’ll see that.

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20 tips for the worn out mom – revised and improved

Recently I read, somewhere the ?’20 tips for worn out moms’. Some of it was funny, some of it was not. I get it, I really do, that it helps to laugh at the hard parts, to downplay it with humor and sarcasm. I do it, too. But I always think ‘do I want my sons to read this when they are 15?’ before I post.

I don’t want them to read things that hint I didn’t enjoy them when they were little, because that is not true. I don’t want them to get the idea that they ruined my life, messed up all my plans. Because they didn’t.

They enriched it, changed it, made me grow and will continue to do so. ?I hope. Some parts are hard, but that doesn’t mean I am going to curse at them or blame it on them. They can know that life is not always easy, but they don’t have to hear me complain and whine either.

And so, here are my own 20 tips for worn out moms. Revised and improved.

1.?Words have power. Build up, don’t break down

2. Try to clean up all of the clutter after supper, […]

The cute stuff

This weekend we slept in a friend’s house. When putting Abel to bed, Mike told him there was no nightlight here. Abel told him confidently ‘that’s okay, papa. I’ve drawn the sun’. And he did:


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When you have the flu

When you have the flu you?get out of bed one day or the other and you are grateful that your two oldest children can go to school all day. You anxiously wait until your baby goes to bed and then crash in your own bed. You drink tea because you’ve got to get something in and although you’re a big fan of super duper tonic which involves garlic, onions and apple cider vinegar, you forego it this time because it just wouldn’t stay in your stomach.

You moan when your baby is awake and are happy that you don’t fall down with him while walking down the stairs and you survive the two hours before he goes back to bed. You drink more tea because milk has to be made, says baby.

The laundry pile gets a little taller and the dishes stack up but not too many, since you aren’t really eating. This is a great dish-saver.

You thank God profusely for your sister-in-law who takes the children to her house for another hour-and-a-half after school and your are oh so happy when everybody goes to bed.

When you have the flu the day moves slowly and you squint […]

An autumn day

Life is beautiful. Not glamorous. Glamorous magazines want us to look at all the perfectness, want more, want that. Want there.

We can buy some things from the magazine, but we can never buy it all. Neither do the people in the pictures or the ones making the pictures have it all. Magazines, adds, they sometimes make us discontented with out lives. Except my grandmother. In her own words ‘I just love to look at all the pretty things’.

I will most likely never be as good as she is.

Yesterday I was reminded again how life is beautiful, how we don’t have to have the perfect-picture life.

We went on a walk with my family in the Flemish Ardennes.

It was cold and rainy and I forgot my coat. I nearly threw a fit and purposed to sit in the car all day. But my mom had extra sweaters with her, because she’s a mom. Moreover, she is my mom.

Then I decided that I never ever wanted to go for a walk again, because I had to go to the bathroom. And there was none. Of course I could go into the hotel we were parked […]

In which I do a confession

I’m doing Rapley with my baby.

A year ago I did Rapley-Bashing.You see, in?a mommy-group on facebook, someone as opinionated as myself stated an opinion on something I was not opinionated on, I automatically had an allergic reaction to it, therefore suddently gaining an opinion on the matter that was the oposite of the other person’s opinion. Because ?I couldn’t possibly go and agree, could I?


Therefore.Since someone said Rapley was awesome and seemed to think everybody should do Rapley, at least in my humble and unjudgemental perception, I was NOT going to do Rapley. Not on your life. Not even gonna think about it. Rapley is ridiculous and evil.Just the name. Have you ever heard such a silly name? I Haven’t. Stupid philosophy, really. And then my baby was born and I wanted to breastfeed as long as possible and I wanted to not do what someone told me about starting my baby on solids for sure by 6 months.

So in my efforts to NOT start my baby on solids before 1 year, I ended up doing Rapley.

Burn. I know. I Know. I will better myself. I mean, really. This week, I made an appointment for […]