The Dream Dragon of Nostillitumtime

The Dream Dragon of Nostillitumtime
I flew up to the sun yesterday. I slid down the sunbeams, like the biggest slide on earth. They brought me to the SunLight Station and from there I went to the middle of the sun with the SunExpress. There, I had sun candies, and they tasted like light.

I caught a ride back with a falling star and quietly, sneakily, I tiptoed back into the house and lay down, back in bed. Nobody every knew.

I couldn’t possibly stay away from adventures after that. So, tonight I will dance in a rain cloud with all the raindrops. Then we will come falling down and I will slide down the rainbow on the back of the dream dragon. We will soar through the dark skies, and float quietly through the sleeping cities and villages and the dream dragon will blow dreams on sleeping children.

When we are done, we will have a dragonish breakfast of puffed clouds and a gale of wind, and some moonbeams for desert.

He will bring me back to my house, and quietly puff me in the window. Before leaving, he will kiss me with a big slobbery kiss, and blow a dragonish dream through the air I am breathing. Then he will go back to the land of Nostillitumtime where he will sleep a little first, and then make dreams for the children. He will make them out of tickytaktime, and faltertree leaves, sugardaffodils and dragondewdrops.

The elves will pour them in clay jars decorated with little flowers and curls and they will have a great big happy supper afterwards. With dancing and singing and so much desert that they couldn’t possibly eat it all, but because they live in the land of Nostillitumtime, they can, and they will, and most certainly shall.

And then, when twilight comes and steals over the world, the dragons will come soaring back, laughing loudly at first, and getting quieter as they near our earth. Silently, they will pick up their helpers and blow dreams over all the little children, and some of the grown ups, too, if they are lucky.

The Dream Dragon of Nostillitumtime
Abel’s dragon

The Dream Dragon of Nostillitumtime
Gabriel’s dragon

The Dream Dragon of Nostillitumtime
Caleb’s dragon

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