My mom

My mom raised 7 children. well, 4 of them aren’t grown up yet. And even the 3 oldest will never grow very much. But at least we are adults. Or we pretend to be. But the point that I wanted to make is…my mom is a hero. Abel was smearing his food in his hair. Gabri?l was screaming. He was as red as a little tomato. And I felt very much like…. Well, like doing a whole lot of things I shouldn’t. And maybe I also felt like screaming along with him. But then mom came. And the sisters. (and the brothers.) My two sisters went and cleaned the whole living room up, just like that! And swept the floor, too. Mom took care of Abel. 5 minutes later the food was in his little belly, out of his hair, and he was happily running around again. Mom was holding her little namesake and he enjoyed doing a very pathetic little after-cry while his grandma held him and cuddled him. And I got a head again! And a clean house! Before we knew it they were gone again,but what a big difference they had made! […]