In my previous post I said I found it easier to watch movies than to read my bible. But that doesn’t mean it’s wrong to watch Pride and Prejudice. I mean, Jane Austen. Nothing more needs to be said.

But I had a big problem with being patient with my boys. I owe it to them and to God, who gave them to me to take care off, to do my utmost to take care of that problem.

Using my time to read, peruse facebook, listen to un-uplifting music, watching movies, or doing nothing…it’s not profitable. Gilmore Girls does not help me react in patience. (Bummer) God does. It makes a lot more sense to spend my time searching God. And that could be on my knees, or by listening to His word in song or read aloud while doing housework. It can be so many things. I knew that, but somehow, it was hard to implement it in my life.

God knew this. So He took me on a training, so as to be better equiped in this journey of motherhood then I was.

Since my own training appeared to be insufficient. As it turns out, the way […]

What I learned when I went to study nursing

? After we moved back to Belgium and we weren’t mennonites anymore ?and pretended to be normal (whatever that is. As far as I know there are no normal people)… I started going to school.

And I do really mean an actual school. A real one. Where there are also other people. Everywhere. I had dreamed of being a nurse for so long that I ran to it very quickly when I heard I could start there without a Belgian high school diploma. And then when I stood in front of the school door I felt very much like screaming very hard and running back to my mama.

But I was super brave, so I went inside. To a class full of people who had started school the day before and who all stared at me. I came in with another girl who was also a day late, so I felt a connection with her. Quite logical seeing as we were both starting a day late. Can’t you feel the unity and the connection in the air?

Then the teacher sent her out because apparently the class was split in two for this class and her last name started with […]

A very human human

I am Naomi’s big sister. Four years ago I married my honey and now I am mama to almost 3 little children. I’m not so good with words as my little sister, but I will try to tell my story as good as I can.? ? I have loved God as long as I can remember. I am so thankful to my parents that they gave me Jesus. They couldn’t have given me anything that is more beautiful, more important and real. ? Whatever my little sister may claim, about how angelic I always was, I have always been a very human human :). I still remember very well how I struggled with my little sins as a child. My egoism, anger, ugly thoughts.. I didn’t want these things in my heart. I didn’t want to hurt God with them and still it was (and is) so hard to get rid of these things. ? When I was about 13 I felt a growing desire to change and have a personal relationship with God. I was?baptized?when I was 14. Right after my baptism I started to doubt very much. Had I been ready for this? Wasn’t I supposed to […]

When not believing is a constatation, not a choice (part 2)

Asking?frightening?questions within a safe environment During this time I was very involved in a the?Christian?student organization called Ichtus. This was an incredibly enriching experience for me! I met intelligent people who dared to ask questions. I was allowed to doubt, pull out all the stops and I strayed further and further away from the person who I had been and what I had believed. This would have been much more frightening if I had had to do this on my own. I am so thankful to Ichtus that I was able to do it there. Without being cut of, but still part of the group. Searching for Eva

In that time, a good friend of mine died in a car accident. She was someone I looked up to very much: passionate about her faith,?enthusiastic?about God, very convinced! When she died, I was crushed and by absorbing myself in God and faith, I tried to come closer to her. I tried to savor who she had been, and thought that since she was with God now, she was still ‘accessible’ in one way or another. Later on I realized this was part of my grief process and I ended up […]

When not believing is a constatation, not a choice (part 1)

Sara is my sister(-in-law). She was raised Christian, but a few years ago she faced the fact that she no longer believed. I asked her to write her story down to see the other side…when the story doesn’t go like you think it will. I wanted to hear how she had gotten to this point. How she had faced her doubts and what she did with them.

Ex-christian. A terrible word, but that’s what I am. Naomi asked me to write down how I came to this point. It’s turned into a long story. I tried to keep it short, but it stays quite long anyway because I want anybody reading this to be able to follow the whole process. I don’t want to make all too big jumps.

Normal doubts and questions

As a teenager, I very naturally had my doubts. Do I want this life, as a Christian, where I will never be like my classmates? Do I want to be the outcast that believes in God? I doubted because of my?gigantic?need to be liked. To be like everybody else. Besides that, I also had?substantial?questions, the typical ones like: “How can God be […]

Healing after depression

You can read part 1 of Sara’s story here

Around my 16th birthday I glided into a depression as a result of emotional abuse. This time was unbelievably dark and hopeless. It is strange to think how sickness can alter a person. My parents and sister were at an utter loss what to do. How do you relate to a child/sister who does not see even a glimmer of hope and who doesn’t seem to appreciate your help or your presence?

Although I was surrounded by people who loved me and who would have a really hard time if I were not to be here anymore, it got more and more difficult to get through the next day. Sometimes people say ‘Committing suicide is so selfish!”. And I have to admit I used to think the same way.

But isn’t it terribly harrowing that people sometimes just can’t face life anymore, in spite of the presence of family and loving friends, and that their help and support doesn’t even soften the pain?

The fact that sometimes, people don’t see a way out anymore, sometimes because of depression, and decide to take their own life…

I have been on […]

The story of Jesus and me ~ by Bethany

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I starting knowing Jesus when I was really young. Both my parents are passionate Jesus followers and as their greatest gift to their children, they introduced him to us. It was subtle and sweet, just what a child would be able to understand, and by the time I was only six years old I discovered that I wanted him to be my friend. It was at Christmas time, and we were celebrating advent. We would light a candle and read part of a story, talking about what Jesus went through to rescue us.

?I remember it so clearly. I was taking a shower and about to jump into my snuggly Christmas pj?s when I realized I wanted to tell Jesus he can live inside of me. I came out and told my parents and they helped me ask him to, and I know from that moment he did.

Being so little, my relationship came in stages, but I?m glad it did. You never get to really know someone […]